William Wagner was born in 1907, in the village of Reigoldswil, found in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, Switzerland. Genealogical research indicates that the Wagner family has rooted itself in this part of Switzerland since at least 1780.

William Wagner trained as a watchmaker before moving to Geneva – the world’s most vibrant watchmaking city – with his wife Helen Wagner Brodbeck, his son Jean-Jacques and his daughter Helen.

William Wagner carved a long and distinguished career in Geneva working as a craftsman for large watchmaking companies. Today his grandchild, Ramzi Charaf-Wagner, has revived his grandfather’s hardworking spirit with the creation of the luxury brand, “William Wagner Geneva”. The corporate identity of the brand includes the family crest which represents a wheel indicating that at the origin a Wagner was a wheel-maker.

The Founder and CEO chose to leverage his own lifetime passion for luxury watches and objets d’art through the creation of a stable of exceptional, independent craftspeople, each with a distinctive style, to design bespoke editions of time-keepers and writing instruments. All the artists have been selected by Ramzi Charaf-Wagner owing to his personal love of their craftsmanship, hence the artists also appear in his own private collection.

William Wagner Geneva is a brand that offers a new and distinctive experience within the bespoke luxury industry. Our ethos is to create a memorable and engaging experience with the customer; from the moment the article is conceived and designed, to the moment it is delivered, all in the knowledge that the artist has dedicated many hours of the finest craftsmanship to each limited edition piece.

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