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Capital Clock By JK

The material used to make a bespoke pendulum can be of any kind, but usually JK uses steel, brass and other metals. The artist does not use computer design rendering, instead he designs the clock by first sketching it on paper when the inspiration comes to him. Then a small model is built with final look and feel. Following this, he goes about cutting, bending, shaping and welding all the parts together before sending them for chrome-plating, gold-plating, special coloring and shine. It takes between two months to a year to create a pendulum, depending on the size and sculpture around it. The final clock will be placed with pride in a house, office, lobby of hotel, mall, airport, or another special location.

JK has partnered with William Wagner Geneva to work on bespoke pieces from 1.25 meter up to a future project of the longest pendulum in the world of 50 meters. Those pendulums are labeled William Wagner Geneva while JK applies his signature on the work as the artist.

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